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No other team in the world of IT looks after so many systems in so many ways having so few people. - Alex Soul, inspired by Winston Churchill

* Simplicity * Scalability * Consistency * Fun *

These are our core values and guiding principles which drive our work.

We deliver extraordinary results in everything we do. We never settle for less and we always demand top performance and total clarity. We design with elegance in mind. We build with perfection. We support with care and we create with love.

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Our mission is to help as many organisations as we can to benefit from scalable, robust, elegant, easy to use and fun to interact monitoring and alerting framework that we have been fortunate to develop based on SolarWinds monitoring platform

Whether you are looking to implement monitoring for just few devices or would like to cover entire enterprise with 1000s of them across multiple sites - we can help you with tips, guidance, recommendations, solution, design, implementation & ongoing support. We will handle entire project life-cycle and as a result - you will receive a beautiful, scalable, simple and robust monitoring & alerting solution specifically tailored to your needs, your established working practises, your SLAs and your highly valuable IT systems

Introduction Video